When I began treatment I could barely turn the key in the ignition switch of my car. Now it is much better.

~Karl B.

I couldn't stand long or do my normal household activities because of the pain I was in. Not only can do my normal activities I can do them with no pain.

~Dawn S.

The staff is pleasant, easy going, and really listens to you.

~Nancy H.

Before I came to Rehab Solutions I had a very hard time standing without being in severe pain. With the help of the therapist m standing and walking time increased. They also helped me with my range of motion and pain in my shoulder. I would highly recommend any one with pain issues to come and see what the therapists at Rehab Solutions can do!

~ Kay I.

I'm grateful towards Rehab Solutions; prior to coming here I was feeling a little stiff and walked really slow. Now I feel more energized. I walk a little faster and feel more flexible. All my needs were attended to and fulfilled.

~ Javier S.

The staff is very professional, friendly, and courteous. Everyone is willing to help when needed. The therapists are wonderful and their jobs. They all helped me get better.

~ Antoinette G.